Hi there, my name is Dave Pschaida and I’m the band teacher here at St. Columba School. This 2017/18 school year marks my 9TH year here at St. Columba. Music has always been my passion. I started playing the drums in band in the sixth grade and remained in band throughout high school. After Highschool I began studying music and performing in jazz big bands and jazz combos at Mesa College and eventually performing in the top jazz bands at San Diego State University. You can hear me play around town with some of San Diego’s most popular jazz artists.

I’ve been teaching private drum lessons since 2000. One of my top students was recently accepted into USC’s popular music program which is one of the most sought-after music programs in the country. I began Teaching band in 2009 for Paul Effman Music Service. Currently we offer band at 13 Catholic and Private schools in San Diego County. This year we’ll be hosting our third annual All County Catholic and Private School Honor Band where our most advanced students from each school will come together and perform in a special concert. The Honor Band concert is held right here at St. Columba!

I think that making music is one of the best things people can do. Just think of all the ways music enriches our lives. Being in school band was such a special part of my life and I’m so fortunate to be able to come full circle and be a band teacher! Band at St. Columba is after school on Tuesdays and is available for all students from grades 1 to 8. First and second graders can play violin only while Third through eighth graders get to choose one of the following: Flute, trumpet, Alto sax, clarinet, Trombone, bells, snare drum, and violin. To sign up for band or for more details, please visit www.pemusic.com.