Final Jeopardy with Mr. Davoren

St. Columba Teacher Jimmy Davoren to appear on “Jeopardy” Monday, January 16th

6th Grade Teacher James “Jimmy” Davoren on the Jeopardy set

Set your DVRs! On Monday, January 16, 6th Grade Homeroom/Religion/Social Studies teacher Jimmy Davoren will be appearing on Jeopardy. While Mr. D has been tight-lipped on the outcome of his experience (he says we will have to watch the show to see how he did) – he was kind enough to share some of the lessons he learned as a Jeopardy contestant. As would be expected, two of the most important lessons are consistent with our values at St. Columba: Intellectual Curiosity, and Faith.

“Curiosity is important – anything can come up on Jeopardy, from complicated history to pop music,” said Mr. Davoren. “If you keep an open mind, you’ll succeed, and always be able to connect with other people.”

As for the importance of Faith in his Jeopardy journey, he noted “There’s a long period of time where they might call you to be on, or they might not. You have to have faith that it’ll all work out in the end for the better, no matter what the outcome.”

Win or lose, our St. Columba community is richer with inspirational educators like Jimmy Davoren guiding our students. Tune in on Monday to cheer him on!